Risk Management

Traffic Risk Management Wollongong & Illawarra NSW
Southern Western & Southern Eastern Regions, Southern highlands


Effective traffic control, traffic planning and traffic management are essential to reducing risk on your project or event site. Stop Slow Traffic Control NSW is serious about Risk Management. We provide professional services to control and manage risk.

The bedrock of our traffic management is a 70-page Corporate OH&S Management System integrating compliance with all Local Council, O.H.S and Work Cover Legislation. We take pride in ensuring the highest safety standards for our clients, staff, regulators & the public.

Our best practice policy exceeds government standards for our industry. When you work with Stop Slow Traffic Control NSW, you demonstrate to regulators, the public and your stakeholders that you are serious about risk management.

Stop Slow provides Risk Management for:

  • RMS, Construction & Engineering
  • Telecom, Plumbing & Utilities
  • Investigations, Locating & Insurance
  • Civil & Residential Building Development
  • Retail Parking & Pedestrian Management 
  • Government, Council & Organisation Events


Stop Slow Traffic Control (NSW) Pty Ltd is covered by:

  • $30 million Public Liability Insurance
  • $10 million Professional Imdenity Insurance
  • NSW & ACT Workers Compensation Insurance

Copies of these insurances can be granted on request.

nsw-gov-accredited RMS Accredited to
ACT Government
IRE Certificate

ISO 9001


ISO 14001




Exceeding Safety Standards to Deliver True Quality.

You’ll discover that all our traffic management staff are governed by only the highest training standards and qualifications for traffic control. Our experience and local NSW Traffic knowledge shows on the job and ensures we meet your deadlines.


Stop Slow Traffic Control NSW currently employs 45 staff ranging from:
  • Traffic Planners / Designers
  • Occupational Health & Safety Officers
  • First Aid Officers
  • Team Leaders
  • Site Supervisors
  • Traffic Controllers


All staff undergoe thorough on-site training, both theoretical and practical, in the latest Occupational Health and Safety Procedures and in-depth traffic control skills.


We value our employees highly. At the end of the day they are the ones who will have secured and protected your interests.

Punctuality, reliability and professionalism are ideals our company was founded on and this is reflected by the on-road performance of all our staff.

Stop Slow Traffic Control (NSW) Vehicles

Stop Slow Traffic Control NSW fleet is maintained by a Qualified Mechanic with over 20 years experience in the traffic control industry.

Stop Slow Traffic Control NSW utilises 14 vehicles for all types of works from;

  • back street and one-way traffic management
  • through to freeways and busy traffic locations
  • day or night, fully equipped with appropriate signage including flashing arrow boards.

Truck Mounted Attenuators

Our fleet consist of 2 Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA’s) which are designed to offer superior advanced warning to the motorist & enhance worker and motorist safety.​ Our Truck Mounted Attenuators are available for hire with a driver. TMA’s are primarily used on all works on or adjacent to high speed roads to meet higher crash-resistance standards for the protection of road workers and motorists.​ In the event of an accident, a truck-mounted attenuator (TMA) can be the difference between saving a life at a road construction site or work site.

Our TMA’s come complete with a type C Colour VMS (colour and standard amber), multi cameras & video recorder system, type C Arrow board, easy panel access, reverse camera, Dual UHF radio, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, wheel chocks, dual battery, battery isolation switches, hand brake alarm, GPS, impact attenuator and automatic impact braking system (ABS).


Our Stop SlowTraffic Control ute with variable message sign (VMS) is available for hire with the following features:

  • Meets and exceeds all mandatory Government requirements
  • Type B Colour VMS Board (Colour and Standard Amber)
  • Type C Arrow Board
  • Easy access to safety control panel
  • Reverse alarm & Reverse camera
  • UHF radios
  • Fire extinguisher / First AID Kit / Wheel chocks
  • Dual battery / Battery isolation switches
  • Hand break alarm
  • GPS option as requested
  • Manual or Automatic available
  • Hire with a driver


Contact Stop Slow Traffic Control (NSW) and speak with our friendly team about our Variable Message Signs (VMS’s) and how they can work for you.

We also have other hire equipment that suits what you need, ranging from , Truck Mounted Attenuators. Trailer-Mounted Arrow Boards or Portable Traffic Lights.


We provide our clients with the kind of personalised care and attention they deserve yet can’t be found elsewhere. A project must run on time. We back our commitment to meeting that approval time. A very unlikely scenario, but if for any reason your project should fall short of the allotted approval time, you do not pay for your management plan!